Futboling is a recreational game based on traditional Spanish table football invented 100 years ago by the Galician Alejandro Finisterre. It keeps foolish "the good" of this popular fun, but is updated and reinvented to suit our time.

Why Futboling is unique?

Thanks to technology, the Internet and smartphone phones, now the competition "gets" in our pocket and offers us a digital backup of all our game in "real time".

Identification of players in all matches

In Futboling all players can be identified in their playing position before each game using the foosball keyboards (by entering the mobile phone number + PIN), or from the player's own smartphone (reading the QR codes of the screen with the scanner of the App.)

Automatic score for each player

Each registered player who identifies himself in a coin game adds or subtracts points when he concludes, and not only in terms of the final result, since a complex intelligent algorithm takes into account both his history and level of play, his partner and opponents. And it detects any trap!

Competition matches (currency)

They are the "official games" of the competition and always punctuate their players (win or lose). Each registered player who wins in these matches automatically obtains a pincode (free game) to enjoy it from the following day. 10 days if not used)

Friendly matches (pincode)

They start without the need for currency when the player has some pincode in their profile. They are enjoyed by courtesy of a commercial firm whose advertising spot is played just before the start of the game. These friendly matches do not generate exchange points for players if they already exceed the threshold of 300 points.

Payment method (currency / cards / smartphone)

All the foosball tables have 2 purses (on both sides of the machine) to activate games simply by entering a € coin. The new Futboling models also have a contact-less POS terminal that is activated by pressing the 5 key on any keyboard and that allows you to pay for games with VISA/MASTERCARD cards or with AndroidNFC / ApplePay smartphone devices that have functional payment applications.

1€ = 1 game

The price of the games is always 1€ regardless of the means of payment chosen by the user. This amount always includes VAT, and in the event that the user uses their VISA/MASTERCARD card or smartphone, it also includes the discount and bank intermediation rates, that is, all the commissions corresponding to an electronic payment transaction.

National League and Express Tournaments

In addition to the National League Championship itself (from October to June of each year) Futboling makes available to those responsible for each stadium the possibility of holding individual competitions in the form of Express tournaments. A modality that does not interfere, nor does it affect players, in terms of points in La Liga, but allows local mini-competitions of a day or a weekend of duration.


Each season the Futboling League publishes on the web and through the App. smartphone the merchandising prizes that the competing players can obtain. The prizes are distributed at the end of the season (during the month of July) and they are sent to their addressees through the premises where the usual foosball is located.

Futboling League prizes 2021-22

Level 100

Each player will get
1 pincode as a gift

Level 200

Each player will get
2 pincodes as a gift

Level 300

Each player will get
3 pincodes as a gift

Level 400

Each player will get a
cup and 4 pincodes as a gift

Level 500

Each playet will get a
shirt and 5 pincodes as a gift

Level 600

Each playet will get a
swetshirt and 6 pincodes as a gift

Technical information

  • Made without wood with a recyclable thermoplastic
  • No paints, varnishes, lacquers or solvents …
  • No screws, nails … No joints or fixings
  • Players with 2 unbreakable legs “Wolfram Carbide”
  • Ergonomic rubber EPDM cuffs
  • AI82F12 super-sliding bars with double Chromo bath
  • Bars SIN. Without perforations, without bushings and without bearings
  • With its own electronics: CPU, sensors, GPS, accelerometers …
  • Permanently connected to the Internet 24h / 365 days
  • Videomarkers with HD screens
  • Identification of players in all matches
  • Free Futboling App (Android and iPhone
  • LED backlight that does not generate shadows
  • Dynamic ambient sound based on game events
  • Yellow and red cards to promote “Fair Play”
  • Golden goals for extreme emotions
  • Annual National League Championship with thousands of prizes
  • 24- or 48-hour express tournaments at the local level
  • Competition algorithm that analyzes all matches
  • Real-time scoring and classification
  • Web publication of all matches in real time
  • 3 payment methods: currency, VISA/MASTERCARD and mobile payment
  • 365d technical consultations through Telegram
  • Technical service at the premises in less than 10 days