Do you want to have Futboling® in your bar? Would you like to be able to play with friends at your university? Do you work in a company with several venues and foosball fans?

Bar Channel

You put the site, the light, and the wifi. We table foosball, competition and prizes. We want your clients and you to enjoy Futboling, and we will show you how interesting and profitable it will be for you.

Do you want to have Futboling in your premises?

A unique product. A unique competition! That will increase the affluence, permanence, and consumption in your local. But you do not have to step out without being completely convinced ... Request a test of 4 weeks without commitment. 90% of the time it is a total success. With the test any doubt is solved and we get a partner happy to accept our business proposal.

FFABW Channel (Universities)

Would you like your school or faculty to be part of the FFABW interuniversity competition with solidarity foosballs on your campus? From TFC we will put you in touch with FFABW to study your particular case. If you confirm that all the requirements for a joint installation are met, from TFC we will be happy to give / donate a Futboling that will help a specific social cause that you want to support.

Institutional needs to be able to approve an installation


On the part of the person in charge of your center, accepting to welcome the installation of solidarity foosball in your university (school, faculty or campus) or association, company ...


A specific social cause or a local / regional / national NGO that wants to financially support the installation's income.


Conformation of a team of volunteers with a leader who is responsible for the maintenance, cleaning and collection of the foosball, always following the guidelines FFABW / TFC.

Corporative Channel (Companies)

The game helps to release tensions. To socialize, to de-stress, to empathize and approach remote positions. Peer competition enhances internal communication, collaborative work. The laughter and good times that promotes a game of Futboling serve to increase the confidence and the connections between people.

Are there several venues or work centers?

At TFC we study the best installation formula so that Futboling within the company becomes an essential element of leisure that helps to improve relations, productivity and the daily general state of the workers.

What is needed for the installation?


Check options for smaller accesses


We need a maximum distance to take four meters.


Futboling connects to the internet to offer a complete experience